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Been awhile, how is everyone?

Been a good while, how is everyone? Just like Vaq said, sometimes life just whips up on 'ya a bit... Well, just wanted to say howdy. Ya-all take care, hope to hear from 'ya all....

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Been a long time & a lot of B/S

Howdy folks, It's been a long time, a lot of B/S, & a lot of water under the bridge. Most of you, I don't know, some I do. Some a little, others quite well. I have not been here in a good ...

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Nasty Winter Storm

Just a hit & run this morning. Wanted to check in & see if all our fellow gun nut;s, degenerates, & plain old all around good folk's, who are any where in, or close to this big storm ...

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Stoned Geezers Java Joint & Morning Insane Asylum

Morning fellas, Just a Fast Drive by. More Dr apnt this morning, will touch base with ya all ASAP. Have a good one & don't tear the joint up, & STOP PISSING ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR!!!!! ...

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Larry W
United States
Retired Diesel Mechanic, Full time shooter, Metal detector, rock hunter, fisherman, camper, ECT.)

A semi old guy, now recuperating from a couple of medical malfunctions. using the down time to Pester my wife to no end, & provide some extra super T-L-C to my guns. Have also been sharpening up my left handed skills since the shoulder replacement
Born & raised in Arizona, Lived 25 years back East, now I am back home in Arizona.
Enjoy Anything concerned with guns, Anything outdoors, Rock collecting, metal detecting. If it is in the field my wife & I are there. Yea that picture is me at Bartlett Lake,
I like that picture, it makes me look small:):):):)

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