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As we approach this year's anniversary of December 7, the "date that will live in infamy", we apparently have not yet learned that the world is a dangerous place. We apparently have not yet learned that the USA is not universally loved, admired and respected, and there are MANY in the world who wish to expunge our country from the face of the earth, AND THEY BELIEVE THEY CAN DO IT.
So, unhappily, we are beginning to know what the Israelis live with on a daily basis. They know they have been and are now at war, with people who have perfected asymmetrical warfare methods. They know from experience, that EVERY citizen must be a warrior against such enemies. THAT is why you see mature, trained citizens open sling-carrying close-quarter combat modern arms. THAT is why they have compulsory military service---to make certain that instant mobilization is accomplished when necessary.
NOW we are faced with TWO major radical Islamic organizations, competing with one another to demonstrate each is THE best jihadist; al Qaeda is swiftly falling behind a large, oil-financed ISIS. Our present administration, and the Demo-Libs, naively believe they can rationalize away that we are at war---sort of similar to our naïve 1920-30's approach to the rise of the Nazis in Europe. Failure to confront and decisively deal with naziism got us WW II, and failure to confront and decisively deal with militant, radical Islamism, in all of its permutations, will result in long term, continued, internal terroristic warfare attacks in the continental USA. Can you imagine weekly attacks all around the lower 48 states like what happened at Boston, Paris, and San Bernardino---at an ever increasing frequency and magnitude?? That is their plan, buttressed by the Iranians--so that our resolve is exhausted, and we may be conquered by our own naïve stupidity.
WHICH is it going to be?? Boots on the ground--- OR Sharia Law and speaking Arabic or Farsi?? THEY will not need any sneak attack--because we will have let the Liberals do it to us.

I think of the 1177 heroes named on the Arizona memorial, I think of all the patriots who gave all they had, from Valley Forge through all of our fights for freedom for ourselves and our allies, and I am ashamed that WE ARE BREAKING FAITH with these heroes. May God forgive us.

Too old to fight, Too old to run, guess that's why I carry a gun! "would someone show this asshole the way out of town".[Rabbi Avram Belinski-aka "The Frisco Kid"]

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