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Nine weeks ago, I posted here, about what we might expect before the "debates". I said, among other things, that the DNC and Hillary's handlers, do NOT want her to face Trump, and she will find a reason to cancel her appearance, based upon either her husband's illness OR her own serious illness.
Since that time, medical practitioners, based upon OBSERVATIONS of her public behavior and physical symptoms, have stated that Hillary is suffering from Parkinson disease. Youtube has several video opinions.
These opinions are based upon video samples, rather than actual physical exams. The symptoms could have been taught to her, so as to give the public appearance of real illness. However, yesterday, at the 9/11 memorial ceremony, Hillary was caught on video, leaving early and appearing to be genuinely ill. As she was entering the black Van, she stumbled and even being helped, almost fell flat on her face. The cover story given to the media was that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia and dehydration, last Friday, and needed additional treatment. Did they rush her to a hospital ER?? NO. They took her to her Daughter's apartment, and soon after, she appeared outside, claiming in front of the cameras that she was fine, and even hugging a child, while still diagnosed with pneumonia.
So what are we faced with?? REAL Parkinson symptoms or fake? REAL pneumonia and dehydration, or fake?? OR are we being set up, for a good reason to pull out of the debates??
Remember, Julian Assange, the boss of WikiLeaks has promised to divulge, in the near future, factual evidence that might very well, have a significant effect on the election.

I am guessing--my gut feel is that Hillary actually IS seriously ill, and cannot any longer fight the good fight, and this may very well be confirmed by data from WikiLeakes. If true, Hillary will no longer be a viable Democrat candidate, and the DNC would be left with a scramble to do damage repair, in the face of being accused of KNOWING her condition, but trying to hide the information from the people of the United States. That of course would amount to ELECTION FRAUD, a Federal crime.

This may be overly dramatic on my part, But I cannot escape the feeling that the Clintonista behemoth has more devastating surprises for WE-THE-PEOPLE

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