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Open Carry Of Handguns, Arkansas

Forum topic: 10 weeks 3 days ago - I've seen several postings on the 'net recently claiming Arkansas is an open carry state. That is untrue, if you openly carry a handgun in Arkansas you may be arrested. Read More »

AR15 vs AR10

Forum topic: 15 weeks 2 days ago - Been looking @ both and they are a few bucks away from each other. AR10(MP10 7.62/308) AR15 are up till there......... so what one would you take? more bang for the buck? There are to many makers of AR 15 to list.................. Read More »


Forum topic: 15 weeks 4 days ago - so is CTD that bad? Never knew moss made a AR? any one know any thing about this or the web site it's from? ... Read More »


Forum topic: 15 weeks 6 days ago - Why did they change something that was good Read More »


Forum topic: 15 weeks 6 days ago - WOUD THIS GUN BE ACCURATE AT 100 YDS Read More »

anyone have a springfield arms m1a socom 16?

Forum topic: 15 weeks 6 days ago - I am looking at a M1A socom 16. Not sure if its worth $ 1500. Anyone shoot one or own.? Read More »

I bought A Ruger 10/22 Today

Forum topic: 18 weeks 4 days ago - My son gave me a gift card from Cabela's at Christmas, It laid around unused, I could not think of anything I 'needed'. Last night I decided to buy a 10/22 but I already have two .22 rifles, a Remington Field Master that's been in the family for ... Read More »

I was certain I was buying a gun tonight

Forum topic: 19 weeks 1 day ago - 1908 .380 Colt on auction on Gunbroker. I bid about $60 more than I thought it was actually worth. The lucky? bidder got it for $5 more than my max bid. It's nice but not that nice. He paid more than I was willing to pay for THAT gun, one in ... Read More »

1911A1 fixed up with Trijicon sights

Forum topic: 30 weeks 4 days ago - And a trigger job taking the pull from 7 to 4 pounds. I tried it out at the indoor range, that did not work out so well, have to use my backyard range. Read More »


Forum topic: 31 weeks 2 days ago - trigger for AR15 that is short pull and lite?Looking to buy AR15 but need to know how to find this to drop in. Was looking at the sporters $600-700 but not sure how well they are made? Read More »


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