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Forum topic: 2 weeks 3 days ago - REAL nice but the price????????????????? Read More »

Micro yet Terminal .17

Forum topic: 3 weeks 12 hours ago - I have been OTL on firearms lately even though I shoot my pellet rifles on a regular basis. I only shoot .177 and sometimes shoot solids for alley cats and distant pigeons. Well I was a little pissed when for no reason my .20gr. solid ... Read More »

AK47 Screw Build Parts

Forum topic: 3 weeks 1 day ago - I plan on having 3 AK47's built from new receivers and complete (cut receiver) parts kits. I need suggestions on where to buy screw kits and also I need to buy a pistol rear trunnion. Any ideas guys? Thanks, Read More »

hot shot gun

Forum topic: 5 weeks 6 days ago - ... Read More »

Squawking over service pistol

Forum topic: 11 weeks 10 hours ago - They're still at it over which handgun will be after the M9, if it's replaced. Here is what was listed on Fox news as military service handguns. I've been out of the Mil a very long time but I don't think I would have forgotten issue Hi-Standard ... Read More »

makarov pistol

Forum topic: 17 weeks 6 days ago - Sold my to store here in town for $100 guy wanted $85 I lol was new in box with ammo but did not want it any more as it was for home and the safety on side did not ... Read More »

5000 GUNS

Forum topic: 25 weeks 1 day ago - Read More »

Lee-Enfield No.4 MKI T

Forum topic: 32 weeks 6 hours ago - Well restoration is underway on the No.4. Couple concerning questions arose during the cosmoline removal and blue removal. On the reciver it says No.4 MKI T im obviouly confused as the T signifys it as a Sniper but I dont see any holse for the ... Read More »


Forum topic: 34 weeks 1 day ago - sweet got to look for one fps russia on you tube as it........... Read More »

Passing Along Family Guns

Forum topic: 35 weeks 2 days ago - I'm visiting my son while awaiting the birth of my 1st great grandson. I brought 2 rifles, a Remington SportMaster Model 512 .22 that I learned to shoot with when I was quite young. The other is from my ex-wife's family, a Stevens Favorite .22. ... Read More »


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