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AR10 or AR15 short for killing piggie wiggies

Forum topic: 4 weeks 6 days ago - Bought 114 acres in North Central Texas last year and I’ve a ZPT [zero pig tolerance]! Some of y’all know I’m kind if a one round for the task pian in the butt fellah, however, I’m goin’ to war on those piggie wiggies before they become a ... Read More »

FN 509

Forum topic: 13 weeks 1 day ago - great site is back up :>) anyone have in imfo on these web is full of people talking but not much to real say lol................................... Read More »

Reflex sights

Forum topic: 1 year 8 weeks ago - Howdy everybody !! Long time gone , but on my way back to the shooting world. Hope Y'all have been fine ! I was just looking around and saw something that was new and overdue... Russian made Pilad sights. A fiber optic holographic sight system. ... Read More »

AK47 handguards

Forum topic: 1 year 12 weeks ago - I bought three AK47 parts kits about 15 years ago and finally found someone to assemble them back in August. Two are rifles and one is a pistol because of the barrel length. The pistol has no hand guards (as it should have had from the kit)and I ... Read More »

Taurus model 94

Forum topic: 1 year 35 weeks ago - Does anyone have one? I have a chance to get one in 22. But it's Taurus. Looks new and cool. 285$ the price is right. Read More »


Forum topic: 1 year 40 weeks ago - REAL nice but the price????????????????? Read More »

Micro yet Terminal .17

Forum topic: 1 year 41 weeks ago - I have been OTL on firearms lately even though I shoot my pellet rifles on a regular basis. I only shoot .177 and sometimes shoot solids for alley cats and distant pigeons. Well I was a little pissed when for no reason my .20gr. solid ... Read More »

AK47 Screw Build Parts

Forum topic: 1 year 41 weeks ago - I plan on having 3 AK47's built from new receivers and complete (cut receiver) parts kits. I need suggestions on where to buy screw kits and also I need to buy a pistol rear trunnion. Any ideas guys? Thanks, Read More »

hot shot gun

Forum topic: 1 year 44 weeks ago - ... Read More »

makarov pistol

Forum topic: 2 years 4 weeks ago - Sold my to store here in town for $100 guy wanted $85 I lol was new in box with ammo but did not want it any more as it was for home and the safety on side did not ... Read More »


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